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About us

Wordcraft Copywriters is a leading copywriting agency in Hong Kong dedicated to crafting creative, razor-sharp and timely communications in English and Chinese.

We provide comprehensive copywriting, editing, and translation services in both English, simplified and traditional Chinese.

Most of our copywriters boast more than 10 years of experience in various industries, ranging from electronics to property development, construction, engineering, logistics, utilities, banking/insurance, IT, to name a few.

Our copywriters are all native speakers (or completely bilingual) and are either Hong Kong natives or Hong Kong permanent residents, as we need to have a voice that resonates well with the city.

Since our inception, we have quickly become one of Hong Kong's top copywriting agencies, trusted by many reputable clients.

Our pledge: impeccable service you can trust.

Your copywriters should be reliable, insightful, accurate and able to deliver promptly and flawlessly.

At Wordcraft, we help our Hong Kong clients get their messages across in the most articulate, crystal clear and compelling fashion,
with a bespoke voice that neatly fits their intentions and target audience.

We leave no stone unturned. We rethink the entire flow from the ground up so that your unique ideas can be expressed convincingly. And we carefully ponder over each and every word or turn of phrase until the desired effect is achieved.

Without fail, we will produce within the shortest possible timeframe that impeccable copy you so urgently need.

In everything we do, we strive to exceed the standards of copywriting in Hong Kong.

We are of service to prominent companies and organisations.

Catering to your every need.

Every project is unique. We take pride in the diversity of our copywriting assignments.

copywriting in Hong Kong
Creative Copywriting

Creative and insightful copywriting that takes your concepts to the next level and molds them into an articulate, thoughtful copy that best mirrors your intentions and sets you apart from your competitors.

editing & proofreading in Hong Kong
Editing & Proofreading

We carefully review your copy to ensure it is flawless. If necessary, we will restructure your document so that it flows best and conveys your key messages in the most precise and articulated fashion.

translations in Hong Kong

Our copywriting team does not deliver mere translations but actual transcreations, where the foreign language version of your document feels fluid and natural. We translate between English, Chinese and many other languages.

design services in Hong Kong
Graphic Design

By integrating content development and graphic design under the same roof, we offer our clients a streamlined process and valuable synergies.

speechwriting in Hong Kong
CEO Speeches

We craft original and stirring CEO speeches and addresses that fit your executive’s personality, prominence and natural voice. Our objective is simple: to make it a memorable experience.

press release copywriting Hong Kong
Press Releases

We structure and write press releases that present our clients’ latest updates in the best possible light, and help identify the right angle to ensure the release receives full media attention.

brochure writing in Hong Kong
Marketing Collaterals

We help companies make that noticeable difference that earns them higher sales in a competitive market by turning industry expertise into compelling selling points.

magazine design writing in Hong Kong
Company Newsletters

Based on well-grounded research, we write articles that captivate your readers with insightful and original views on subjects that matter to them.

business letter writing in Hong Kong
Business Correspondence

We help organizations address sensitive business matters and secure desired outcomes with formal letters and emails that are both persuasive and tactful.

Crafting investor presentations
Business Presentations

We help companies structure, write and prepare winning business presentations and proposals, based on a thorough understanding of the industry and its competitive landscape.

annual report writing in Hong Kong
Annual Reports

We craft annual reports that are both exquisitely written, true to the facts, and go beyond shareholders’ highest expectations.

website copywriting in Hong Kong
Website Content

We help organizations convert visits into sales with web copywriting that is clear, concise and leaves a lasting impression on their potential clients.

social media copywriting in Hong Kong
Social Media

We enable organizations’ social media strategy by being available at all times to write or edit posts, and monitor their accounts.

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