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Amid a surge in business activity, we have temporarily suspended publishing new articles on our blog.
This being said, many of our past articles remain as relevant today as they were when first issued.

Enjoy your reading!

How digital experience can make or break a brand

May 2021

Every company pays close attention to the tone of voice it uses on social media, and for good reason: in today’s connected world, brand success is highly correlated with a superior digital experience, a subset of customer experience (CX) that notably includes...

AI-powered copywriting: state of the technology

April 2021

There has been a lot of excitement about AI-powered copywriting lately, and while very few of our clients have ever broached the topic, we have seen a noticeable hike in the number of online searches for vendors of the technology. Now might thus be a good time...

Email marketing at its best - keys to success

March 2021

Would you say we receive so many emails nowadays that email marketing is losing steam? Think again. Email remains a very powerful media to acquire new customers, and constitutes the primary channel to generate leads for 9 out of 10 marketers. Even in the era of social media, email is 40 times more likely to attract customers than popular platforms such as...

8 rules for writing formal business letters

February 2021

While all agree that poor writing negatively affects organizations, no reliable statistics exist on the exact financial implications. A few references exist however; in his book, Writing for Dollars, Writing to Please: The Case for Plain Language in Business, Government, and Law, Professor Joseph Kimble presents more than 50 case studies demonstrating that...

10 tactics to find the perfect angle

January 2021

It is often quite a challenge to give a story that special spin that will make the narrative outstanding and noteworthy. As copywriters, we are customarily provided with an information brief that already includes a specific angle. While we can always provide advice on the best way to shape an article or press release, this task usually rests with our clients.

Why email etiquette still matters

December 2020

Do you only rarely fume over emails that are either unclear, overly lengthy or downright disrespectful? Consider yourself lucky. While American white collar workers spend an average 28% of their time on email, only a minority are adequately trained in email etiquette.