Creative Copywriting

Creative copywriting

Expanding your concept into a well-researched, insightful, and articulate copy.

About our creative copywriting services

What we call creative copywriting at Wordcraft is the creation from scratch of well-informed, insightful, and original content based on very limited instructions from our clients. Provided with a theme or concept, our writers, who possess solid credentials in creative copywriting for Hong Kong clients, will go through relevant references, conduct thorough research into the subject, and leverage our up-to-date industry knowledge to make recommendations on the structure of the copy as well as the flow to link each successive idea to the next seamlessly. Our creative copywriters will also seek validation early in the copywriting process of the most desirable style and tone of the copy based on our clients’ branding guidelines, medium, and target readership.

Once our first draft is completed, our clients have the opportunity at no extra cost to comment on the content, logic, and format, and require any amendment that they consider would further enhance the copy. In the experience of our creative copywriting team, such amendments are usually minor, and the final version of the copy can thus be ready within 24 hours or less.

Our creative copywriting team has drafted original content for a wide variety of media and formats, from long-form blogs and opinion articles for the web to newspaper editorials to specialized feature stories appearing in corporate magazines.

Wordcraft’s strengths

Besides the technical strengths of our copywriters, what truly separates Wordcraft from its competitors when it comes to creative copywriting is the depth of our industry knowledge and research capabilities, which is reflected in our specialization in finance, engineering, and technology. All our creative copywriters possess significant (up to 20-year) working experience in management positions in these industries and perfectly understand the intricacies of a large variety of expert subjects, from macroeconomics to financial markets, asset management, sustainable energy, or cloud services, to name a few.

Case study

The Hong Kong offices of a global financial institution approached us to write a long-form (1,200-word) opinion piece about global sustainability commitments vs. the state of the conventional and renewable energy industries. Our creative copywriting team was provided with the main objectives of the article, a selection of references for tone and style, as well as the target audience. Our creative copywriter conducted in-depth research within a 24-hour period to both source relevant facts and data and develop a suggested thesis for the article. Upon client approval we proceeded to expand the story with more background research and articulating key ideas. The first draft was completed within another 48 hours.

Our copy was forwarded to the company’s global head offices’ sustainability department for further comments, which were overwhelmingly positive and only suggested minor amendments, which our creative copywriting team promptly implemented. This positive feedback was all the more rewarding coming from industry insiders. From engagement to completion of the final copy, our copywriting team took only four working days to complete the project.

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