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Digital marketing

Writing high-performance digital marketing campaigns that prompt your audience to action.

About our digital marketing copywriting services

At Wordcraft we define digital marketing as the conduct of promotional or community engagement activities via digital communications, such as social media, mobile ads, eDMs, or e-newsletters. Many of our clients, notably including B2C companies operating in the banking or insurance sectors, rely extensively on digital marketing for advertising purposes and to inform their followers about new products and services, special offers, rebranding, or to carry out community engagement campaigns and other initiatives, such as educational webinars. They regularly call on Wordcraft to write high-impact, concise content for entire digital marketing campaigns pertaining to subjects as diverse as a new product launch, the redesign of a mobile app, or an upcoming sporting event of which they are the lead sponsor.

Our writers, who possess solid credentials in digital marketing copywriting for Hong Kong clients, leverage their mastery of different language levels – with B1 language being the most appropriate level for social media, for instance – to compose high-impact, short-form content that conveys all information and messages in an extremely compact format, bringing together the need to inform with the need to engage. Our copywriters and digital marketing experts will usually draft a few attention-grabbing, intriguing taglines, logical and contextual lead-ins, an approachable body content, and prominent calls to action. They will place special emphasis on the tagline, which will take centre stage and, as in traditional advertising, will play a critical role in delivering strong performance.

Upon our engagement, our copywriters will start by dutifully reviewing the digital marketing campaign’s step-by-step objectives, context, key messages, and target audiences, as well as applicable branding guidelines to acquaint themselves with preferences in terms of style, tone of voice, vocabulary, and slogans/sentences our client wishes should frequently appear in eDMs or social media posts. Our first draft may be subject to comments from our client about its tone and language, which may need some minute fine-tuning to perfectly align with the brand or require reaching a compromise between a wording that is strictly correct semantically and grammatically, and a wording that is easier-to-read and catchier.

Wordcraft’s strengths

Our copywriters excel in digital marketing thanks to their attention to details, language mastery, and ability to identify the most effective, legible wording among multiple possibilities to express complex messages concisely and compellingly. Due to our specialization in the same industries our clients operate in, we can rewrite content that may be sophisticated at times into a copy more compatible with digital communications, without compromising on the intended messages.

Over the years, our copywriting team has accumulated a wealth of proven experience successfully working with both B2B and B2C clients on high-stakes digital marketing campaigns targeting vast audiences and carefully monitored for performance. In such dynamic contexts, we have consistently demonstrated to our clients they could always rely on our extremely fast response and performance guarantee.

Case study

Some of the following details have been edited for confidentiality reasons.

The Hong Kong branch of an international bank engaged Wordcraft to write the content of a digital marketing campaign aimed at raising awareness about a newly announced government initiative from which the public could benefit, and showcasing how any Hong Kong citizen could conveniently sign up for the scheme and get access to a range of privileges through the bank's mobile app.

The campaign, which was to be rolled out over a two-month period, consisted of several eDMs and a series of social media posts and ads that were to go live at regular intervals. Our digital marketing experts were tasked with creating more concise copies, proposing attractive taglines, and drafting engaging lead-ins. The drafting proceeded as the campaign unfolded to accommodate our client's busy schedule.

Our client's digital marketing campaign performed extremely well from the time of its launch, with key quantitative indicators showing historically strong CTRs and conversion rates.

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