Feature stories

Feature stories

Writing thoughtful, authoritative feature stories that elevate brand awareness.

About our feature stories copywriting services

What we at Wordcraft define as feature stories are well-informed, authoritative, long-form articles for thought leadership, advertorials and editorials, corporate magazines, and company newsletters. Over the years, we have accumulated solid credentials copywriting feature stories for Hong Kong B2B clients, including expert opinions, market studies, interviews, corporate profiles, product or service updates, industry insights, market intelligence, and other announcements such as latest company news or corporate events.

Leveraging its intimate knowledge of economics, finance, technology, IT, engineering, sciences, infrastructure, utilities, real estate, green technology, and other related subjects, our copywriting team will work with the objective to write a feature story that is both informative and relevant to our client's readers, showcases market leadership, elevates brand awareness, and indirectly promotes our client's products and services.

After reviewing our client's instructions, including key objectives and general directions, our copywriting team will proceed to conduct in-depth research and interviews on the subject matter, including on the latest trends and topics affecting the industry at large, and identify the theme, angle and likely conclusions of the feature story, which should circle back to our client's industry, products and services, and positioning. Upon agreement with our client on the logic and structure of the copy, our copywriters will proceed to produce a first draft of the feature story that will flesh out the proposed thesis in detail and will be supported by relevant data, facts, statistics, and quotes from reputable sources. Given the discretionary nature of such assignment, our copy may be subject to further comments and undergo an extra round of revisions, which we can usually deliver within 24 hours.

Wordcraft’s strengths

Thanks to our industry expertise in areas related to the industries our clients operate in, our copywriters can swiftly conduct in-depth research on the subject of the feature story, and within a few days get up to speed on relevant topics that are most likely to captivate readers.

Highly proficient in story-telling, our copywriters will be able to weave together the main messages of the feature story through logical arguments and successions, and with a flow that makes for a compelling read. Our clients can expect from our copywriting team to be able to accommodate the most exacting deadlines and finalize the feature story within a few days if required.

Case study

An engineering firm headquartered in Hong Kong engaged Wordcraft to compose a documented feature story about cybersecurity and its impact on their industry and operations. With little input provided in terms of coverage and directions, we suggested a thesis and a few topics which we deemed were most relevant to their purposes and made for an interesting read.

We conducted extensive research on the subject and identified the most up-to-date body of knowledge we deemed any B2B company in our client’s industry should be cognizant with. Our copywriter then proceeded to reconcile and integrate this highly informative content with our client's own IT initiatives and compliance protocols.

While our first draft, which had been composed in the absence of strict directions, required a few minor adjustments pertaining to its key messages, the final copy of the feature story was ready ahead of the deadline for publishing, and was acclaimed by our client's management team.

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