Graphic design

Graphic design

Developing stunning and interactive layouts and visuals that let your content shine through.

About our graphic design services

High-quality graphic design is essential to retaining and making the right impression on a target audience and conveying ideas powerfully through an easy-to-navigate, intuitive layout and eye-catching visuals. To best achieve these objectives, graphic design should ideally run concurrently with content creation to ensure consistency and deliver a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and sensibly structured, to avoid classic design flaws such as having a layout interrupting the logic of the copy or undermining the strength of an argument. For this reason, Wordcraft provides graphic design services to its Hong Kong clients, offering them the opportunity to have a single agency carry out both graphic design and copywriting tasks interdependently through a single contact point. Under this arrangement, our copywriters, editors, and graphic designers can collaborate closely and jointly make swift decisions on matters of shared concern such as text formatting and placement, critical facts, citations, or data that needs to be highlighted, as well as the artistic direction and key messages upon which visuals will be conceived.

Our graphic designers and copywriters, all based in Hong Kong, possess a wealth of experience working together, which our clients can draw on to create a wide range of well-thought-out, stunning layouts, templates, and key visuals, such as diagrams, illustrations, and photography, for variouus materials, including newsletters, corporate magazines, marketing brochures, posters, ads, eDMs, emails, annual reports, as well as business presentations.

All graphic design projects start with a thorough discussion with our clients, where objectives, rules, preferences, and preliminary ideas are discussed, as well as the careful study of their branding guidelines. Our graphic design team then proceeds to prepare and introduce three possible layouts or templates, one of which will be largely based upon the client’s suggestions, while the other two will follow a different direction based on our experience and best industry practices. The preferred option then goes to fine-tuning, which may involve a few iterations, and final integration with the content itself.

Wordcraft’s strengths

Besides possessing strong technical expertise, our graphic designers productively leverage their experience working directly and closely with our content writers, with, as most industry insiders contend, content creation taking precedence over the design process. Not only this arrangement, which aligns complementary talents, gives Wordcraft an edge when it comes to producing high-impact deliverables, it also offers our clients valuable savings in terms of the management time that would be otherwise invested in coordinating both a copywriting and graphic design agencies, a shorter turnaround through process efficiencies, as well as a boost to the overall quality of the final copy.

Case study

A regional financial institution headquartered in Hong Kong approached Wordcraft at the concept development stage of its brand-new newsletter, which they specified should feature an uncluttered layout and thematic flat illustrations. We presented two options as a preview, including one version whose scope combined copywriting and graphic design and one who did not, and shared with them a mock-up compliant with their brand guidelines to illustrate how well and how quickly the integration of the two disciplines could effectively deliver a full-fledged template. Once management confirmed their decision to proceed, we were tasked with developing a full template based on our first sample, which we dutifully completed within another five working days. Our copywriters and graphic designers were not only commended for the newsletter’s highly legible and well-organized layout and artistic quality of illustrations, but also given credit for the newsletter’s success as more issues were published and readership grew.

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