Product brochures copywriting

Product brochures copywriting

Turning your unique value proposition into an elegant, persuasive brochure that sells.

About our product brochures copywriting services

Bringing to life an impactful corporate profile or product brochure, either for print or electronic distribution, is all about fleshing out a value proposition with all supporting data, substantiated facts, and contextual information and organizing the content harmoniously so that it will appeal to, capture, and ultimately retain, the attention of potential clients and generate new leads. Our copywriters, with solid credentials in product brochures copywriting for Hong Kong clients, possess a wealth of experience structuring, developing, or polishing compelling corporate and product brochures in the financial services, engineering, and technology sectors. Highly knowledgeable about the technical aspects, terminology, and current state of the industries they specialize in, they help our clients differentiate from their peers by articulating and formulating key selling points in a language that is both persuasive and familiar to their readers.

After agreeing on the value proposition, proposed theme, and key directions of the product brochure with our client, our copywriters will swiftly proceed to conduct in-house research on the industry, the technology involved, competitors’ positioning, and benchmarking against comparable products so that they can write content that is both authoritative and distinctive. They will also review the company’s own past product brochures and branding guidelines governing the desired tone of voice, style, preferred vocabulary, and important slogans so that the brochure can be seamlessly integrated with our client’s collection of marketing materials.

Regardless of whether we compose a product brochure from scratch or polish an existing draft, our copywriters will advise our clients on what they believe should be the optimal layout. Once the layout is agreed, they will start drafting a high-impact, sophisticated copy, and throughout the process implement best practices including critical content prioritization, effective calls to action, ideal choices of words, recommended length and structure of sentences and paragraphs, seamless transitions, and integration of the body content of the product brochure with related pictures, charts, or diagrams.

Wordcraft’s strengths

Thanks to their intimate knowledge of our clients’ industries, products and services, and competitive landscapes, our copywriters can be swiftly mobilized and are able to promptly get a grasp of the distinct characteristics of the new product and essence of the intended product brochure. They are thus perfectly at ease when handling a project that can quickly become, especially in B2B industries, highly detailed or technical.

Relying on their experience, research capabilities, benchmarking, fact-checking and critical thinking, our copywriters have accumulated vast experience in drafting highly regarded product brochures for multinational industry giants that include prominent insurers, banks, and engineering companies.

Case study

The Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong of a global engineering group engaged Wordcraft to write the content of a new B2B product brochure. After two days invested by our copywriting team on in-house research on the target segment, the positionings of our client and its competitors, and comparable products, we conducted a call to present our findings and ask informed questions on specific aspects of the product’s technology as well as the ultimate clients’ expectations and purchasing criteria.

Upon agreement on the theme and structure of the brochure, our copywriter proceeded to draft the product brochure with a view to highlight and expand on the identified key selling points, both upfront and throughout the copy, while bearing in mind the ultimate clients’ decision-making process.

The project was completed within a week and to our client’s satisfaction, who described the deliverable as “well-organized, intelligible, concise, and persuasive”.

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