Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and Editing

Perfecting your original content into a native, elegant, and flawless copy.

About our proofreading and editing services

The scope of Wordcraft’s proofreading and editing services is most of the time very broad, as we go far beyond the correction of mere typos and grammar mistakes, which really is a minor part. Indeed, our copywriters, who possess solid credentials in proofreading and editing for Hong Kong clients, will look at the best choices of words, phrasal verbs and idioms, structure and construction of sentences and paragraphs, repetitions and redundancies, logic, transitions, and flow. Our proofreaders and editors may at times propose to rewrite entire sentences or move entire paragraphs so that the content can be more compelling, say from a commercial perspective, and the reasoning more convincing. Furthermore, we will also check quoted facts and figures to ensure the data is properly interpreted and correctly represented in the copy.

Every source copy is different when it comes to quality and the amount of work required of our copywriting team, which is why we offer three different tiers of proofreading and editing services. In the most extreme scenario, a copy may already be of excellent quality, for instance a press release drafted by a PR agency, in which case only a quick once-over and subtle touch-up is necessary. In an intermediate scenario, the draft may be of reasonably good quality in terms of language and structure, in which case the task of our proofreaders and editors will consist of polishing the copy and make it more native by resolving any inadequacy. If on the other hand, the draft requires substantial amendments in terms of style, grammar, or logic, the scope of our proofreaders and editors will be the most extensive and essentially consist of rewriting the entire copy.

Wordcraft’s strengths

All our copywriters are native speakers and possess up to 20 years of relevant professional experience proofreading and editing copies in the industries we serve, i.e. financial services, engineering, and technology. By leveraging their industry experience, staying up to date, and benchmarking against the most reputable news sources and leading companies in these sectors, our proofreaders and editors excel in turning any draft into a first-class copy that can be confidently featured on a company’s website, distributed to news outlets, or shared on social media.

Case study

A global bank, with its regional headquarters in Hong Kong, engaged Wordcraft to help its regional corporate communications team with the editing and proofreading of the press releases regularly issued by the local teams of the 12 Asia-Pacific markets where it operates. The challenge faced by this institution, besides the large number of copies to be reviewed every week, was the vast disparity across the region in terms of overall quality, style, and oft-lacking consistency with the brand’s tone of voice, with which our copywriting team promptly acquainted itself before we begun.

Adapting to the specific strengths and weaknesses of each country’s communications team, our proofreaders and editors successfully delivered on our promise to improve the quality of the content to a native level and suggest amendments to bring the copy into compliance with the brand and remove awkward sentences or paragraphs. Our proofreaders and editors also often double-checked sources and references to ensure no factual data was misrepresented.

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