Proposals and tenders copywriting

Proposals and tenders copywriting

Writing and structuring high-value, competitive bids and proposals that stand out.

About our proposals and tenders copywriting services

Proposals and tenders are usually evaluated, rated, and ranked by procurement or tendering committees according to technical criteria that may not be entirely objective. For this reason, presentation and content quality, structure, and consistency do have an impact on a bidder’s total score, which may be critical in a highly competitive bidding context where the difference between the winner and the runner-up is likely to be narrow. Our copywriting team, who possesses solid credentials in proposals and tenders copywriting for Hong Kong clients, can help a company grasp the few extra points that may be decisive in the tender’s outcome by projecting an image of professionalism, confidence, technical expertise, and reliability. This can be achieved, for instance, by giving more credits to neglected sections by enhancing their presentation, working on transitions and linkages so that each section forms an integral part of a cohesive document, stressing and elaborating key selling points, and improving the language, structure, and flow of the content of each section.

There are essentially two major components to our mandate. The first part of our copywriters’ scope is to polish, rewrite and harmonize the content of the draft pitch, proposal, or tender, and ensure there is no inconsistency between different sections, either in terms of vocabulary, style, and messaging. The second part is to audit, elaborate, or remove various parts of the entire content with a view to enhance our client's bid commercially by expounding decisive aspects while protecting the company against the making of any misrepresentations or unsustainable commitments. Finally, our copywriters will carefully compose or polish the proposal's executive summary, painstakingly articulating and expressing our client’s value proposition in legible terms, so that a senior decision-maker who may not have extensive technical knowledge will be able to apprehend the content of the proposal.

Our copywriting team will always start by carefully studying the Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by the purchaser, which will dictate the layout and content of the proposal, and if needed, conduct in-depth research on our client’s industry and the specific products or services contemplated in the tender’s scope.

Wordcraft’s strengths

Several members of our copywriting team possess vast experience in senior positions supervising the preparation of pitches, proposals, and tenders for large projects or contracts in industries related to or similar with those our clients operate in. With deep knowledge of finance, engineering, or technology, they can swiftly get a grasp of a company’s operations, products, key selling points, and competitive environment.

In a fast-paced context with much preparation required from multiple parties to put a proposal or bid together, our copywriters can be quickly mobilized and will be able to interact closely with our client’s team with an extremely short response time.

Case study

Some of the following details have been edited for confidentiality reasons.

Our copywriting team was engaged by a technology company based in Hong Kong to consolidate, review, harmonize, and advise on the structure and content of a tender for a large services contract with the government. Working in close partnership with the company’s business development team, we identified several areas for improvement, most of them pertaining to inconsistencies between the contributions of different authors in terms of level of details, quality, logic, language, and tone.

Praised for our assistance successfully remedying such weaknesses, we were eventually tasked with composing the tender’s executive summary, which was reviewed favourably by our client’s CEO and required only minor amendments.

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