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SEO copywriting

Fine-tuning web content to elevate search engines rankings and conversions.

About our SEO copywriting services

When it comes to publishing new web content, the holy grail is usually defined as achieving top rankings on popular search engines. Our SEO copywriters, all possessing solid credentials in SEO copywriting for Hong Kong clients and thus familiar with local audiences, regularly help leading organizations reach that objective in partnership with in-house or external SEO experts.

For good reasons, nobody knows much about the algorithms or even with any certainty many of the factors relied on by Google and other search engines to determine rankings. What we do know for sure is that the ultimate purpose of search engines like Google is simple: display the most relevant and valuable content to users. Therefore, at Wordcraft our SEO copywriting philosophy is to optimize a web page so that it can meet these two criteria by drafting or amending authoritative, high-impact content that remains natural for human readers while fine-tuning it so that a well-designed algorithm will be more likely to correctly interpret it and duly recognize its value.

Our SEO copywriters achieve this equilibrium by staying clear of “black hat” techniques, such as peppering the copy with awkward target keywords or aiming for a special keyword density. While keywords should of course feature prominently in the meta tags, h1, h2 and h3 tags, and near the top of the content, keyword stuffing risks attracting penalties from search engines while hurting the overall legibility and appeal of the content, leading in turn to visitors soon leaving the website and less conversions. Our SEO copywriters will instead, after benchmarking against the websites of other market participants, apply best practices to the page’s structure, irrelevant content, lack of relevant content, competing keywords, headers, prominent slogans, structure of sentences and paragraphs, and very importantly, vocabulary. The entire SEO copywriting process is usually completed within one week for small- to medium-size websites.

Wordcraft’s strengths

Most of our more seasoned copywriters are competent SEO copywriters, as optimizing a web copy with two concurrent objectives in mind is not dissimilar with writing an original print copy that must adhere to a client’s preferred style, vocabulary, and tone of voice. Highly knowledgeable in the industries we specialize in, they can swiftly apprehend our clients’ strategies and positioning and are therefore able to adjust the web copy without bending any concept that distinguishes the company from its competitors.

Bringing years of experience delivering an optimal copy for thankful clients, our SEO copywriters keep honing their technical skills through their collaboration with various SEO experts, in-house research, and benchmarking.

Case study

A fintech company headquartered in Hong Kong approached us concerning the revamp of their website, which was at the design stage with most of the content already drafted in-house. After agreeing on a list of major directions along which the web copy could be optimized, notably through the adoption of more suitable vocabulary, our SEO copywriter proceeded to make all suggested changes while preserving the overall structure and leaving unchanged certain wordings and slogans that were deemed either industry-specific or commercially critical.

Our SEO copywriters delivered all enhancements in less than a week. Our client, whose rankings soon improved significantly, expressed their satisfaction with the new web copy, acknowledging that no content had been lost or misrepresented, noting on the contrary that the clarity and appeal of key messages and much of the content had been further enhanced.

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