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While many corporate leaders are naturally gifted in the art of public speaking and need only minimal preparation to articulate and deliver a powerful speech, there may not always be sufficient time available in a senior executive’s schedule to stitch together all the facts and intended messages in the most effective fashion while ensuring through oratorial enhancements that the delivery will be both smooth and impactful. Our professional speechwriters, all based in Hong Kong, possess a rich experience working closely with busy C-suite executives on the development of vivid, impactful speeches that leave an indelible mark on their audiences.

Often centred on powerful storytelling and imagery, speechwriting is not so much an art governed by rigid rules than it is a practice characterized by the proficient and innovative use of battle-tested techniques, which together coalesce to arouse the audience and achieve the set objectives. With this purpose in mind, our speechwriters deftly complement carefully crafted content with a variety of implements such as pace variations, rhythmic constructions, emphasis, dramatic pauses, or deliberate repetitions.

Whether the nature of the speech is informative, educational, motivational, political, or celebratory, our speechwriters will first interview the executive to get perfectly acquainted with their personal style, preferences, and natural voice as well as with the theme, background, and detailed objectives of the address. Our speechwriters will then conduct all necessary research on the context as well as on any historical or literary references and compose a first draft annotated with practical advice on the delivery. Though several iterations may be necessary due to the extremely personal nature of public speaking, the entire process can often be completed within a week.

Wordcraft’s strengths

Themselves former senior executives hailing from the same sectors our clients operate in, our speechwriters bring to public speaking their intimate industry knowledge, management experience, and strategic thinking. Making full use of our in-house research capabilities and market intelligence, our speechwriters have over the year drafted well-informed, persuasive, and inspired speeches for the C-suite executives of many reputable organizations.

Our speechwriters are all based in Hong Kong and thus are attuned to local audiences and need not familiarize themselves with the cultural context. Diligent and reliable to a fault, they are keenly aware of a CEO’s many concurrent commitments and will always strive to borrow as little of their time as possible and deliver well ahead of schedule.

Case study

Some of the following details have been edited for confidentiality reasons.

We were approached by the office of the CEO of a large engineering company headquartered in Hong Kong about a motivational speech due to be delivered to all employees, aimed at rallying the staff of all departments behind a new company-wide initiative. The theme chosen by the CEO was to highlight, through the lens of history, the vital role played by every single team and member of an organization and the unifying nature of having to face a common challenge.

A military history enthusiast, the CEO provided our speechwriter with a few historical facts and stories that would potentially help illustrate his arguments. Following detailed research, our speechwriter suggested using a particular tale that would both, if adequately narrated, be highly relevant to the CEO’s points and make for a captivating speech. Our speechwriter then proceeded to draft a speech structured in three parts, each drawing subtle and though-provoking parallels between the bygone and present situations.

Following a few adjustments, the speech was finalized comfortably ahead of the deadline. In no small part on account of the CEO’s presence and charisma, the speech was successfully delivered to a delighted audience.

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