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Each of our projects is unique. We take pride in the rich diversity of our deliverables.

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Creative Copywriting

Looking for support for a critical piece of writing that is still in the concept phase? Trust a copywriting agency based in Hong Kong who knows your industry inside out and understands its technicalities.

Using both critical-thinking and creative skills, we write authoritative, well-thought-out copies that are grounded in extensive research, faithfully expound our clients’ distinctive ideas, and stay on brand.

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proofreading and editing services

Proofreading and Editing

To safeguard your brand integrity and project an image of excellence, your copy deserves much more than a hurried once-over before it is published.

Our copywriters will mark up or substantially rewrite the content to ensure the final copy is native, consistent in style, and logically structured so that it flows perfectly with smooth transitions. We will go as far as fact-checking essential information.

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english - chinese dictionary

Translation and Localization

With more than 1,200,000 words translated since our inception, and extensive exposure to the industries we specialize in, our translators have won the praise of our clients.

We do not deliver mere translations but transcreations, which are polished by a native editor so that they may sound fluid and idiomatic. We work with English, Simplified or Traditional Chinese, and many other Asian and European languages.

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copywriting newspaper headlines

Press Releases

Going public with the latest company news is often time-critical. This leaves little room for manoeuvre to make sure the final version of your press release will be immaculate and worthy of media attention.

Our copywriting services have been widely praised for press releases that are spot on (with no multiple rounds required) and present newsworthy updates in the best light possible. We also polish press releases written by PR agencies.

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speechwriting microphone


To deliver a rousing performance at every public engagement, your speaker will need a copy that blends original ideas, storytelling, and a flow that builds to a climax.

Our speechwriters have drafted speeches and messages for a number of Hong Kong's top executives. Customising to our clients’ individual styles and tones of voice, we help make every speech a unique and memorable experience.

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social media copywriting

Digital Marketing

Boost the popularity and effectiveness of your next email blast, e-newsletter or social media campaign with impactful, straightforward, and concise content that stays on brand.

Our copywriting team works with some of Hong Kong’s most visible brands on their short-form communications, and can help you write and publish compelling, time-sensitive eDMs and social media posts at a moment’s notice.

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business letter copywriting

CEO Letters and Emails

Tact and persuasion techniques are essential to tackling sensitive business matters effectively and securing desired outcomes without delay or argument.

For many years, organizations and their leaders have successfully relied on our copywriting services on a strictly confidential basis to draft or rephrase formal letters and emails to diplomatically address pressing issues or substantiate their positions in a negotiation.

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copywriting a business presentation

Proposals and Tenders

Having a fresh pair of eyes critically review and rewrite your pitch, proposal, or tender is a proven and highly effective method to elevate your chances to win a contract or a new client.

Leveraging our copywriters' experience supervising the preparation of competitive bids and business presentations in the banking industry, we advise on, structure, and write proposals and tenders that stand out and earn valuable extra credits.

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writing a company annual report

Annual Reports

If you are seeking assistance with drafting or reviewing your annual chairman’s letter or management discussion and analysis, you will need a copywriting agency based in Hong Kong and well-versed in financial analysis.

Under the supervision of our CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholder and in full compliance with rules governing the safekeeping of market-sensitive information, our copywriters advise listed companies on the presentation most conducive to the formation of well-informed analyst opinions.

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web design and copywriting

SEO Copywriting

Getting on the good side of major search engines to earn more visits and more sales is a complex process that involves substantial optimizations both on-page and off-page.

By targeting specific keywords (without excess), writing relevant and informative content, and keeping in mind that a well-informed copy will usually rank better than one that is over-optimized, our SEO copywriting services help companies naturally earn recognition from their visitors, promotion on social media, and better rankings.

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product brochure copywriting

Product Brochures

Writing the content of a highly effective brochure is a specialised task best entrusted to a copywriting agency based in Hong Kong that is well acquainted with the market for your products and services.

Leveraging our industry knowledge and insights into key segments and competitors, we painstakingly identify and weave together compelling selling points to form well-structured, high-impact marketing collaterals for both B2B and B2C clients.

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business newsletters

Feature Stories

Looking for relevant, original content to feature in your next newsletter or magazine? Tap our extensive in-house research and expertise in writing exclusive feature stories.

We have written countless articles with high readership, all grounded in fact, on topics ranging from country economics to retirement planning, emerging markets, portfolio allocation, urbanization, sustainable energy, cybersecurity, machine learning, and many more.

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graphic design and copywriting

Graphic Design

Whether you are planning a new eDM campaign or a new corporate magazine, choosing a creative agency that can integrate content development with graphic design is a highly effective option.

By coordinating all creative tasks in-house, our copywriting team and designers can seamlessly blend impactful words with stunning visuals while offering our clients a single point of contact, a streamlined process, and valuable synergies.

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Going the extra mile.

The scope of our copywriting services goes beyond ensuring consistency, enhancing the flow of the copy, harmonizing the style and tone of voice, articulating sections or paragraphs, and smoothening transitions.

We also offer suggestions on the adequacy and relevance of the content and take the initiative to advise our clients on matters of strategy, rationale, and overall messaging.

A fine-grained work process.

Our copywriting services will normally first include conducting in-depth research on the industry, apprehending our clients' strategy, studying the competitive environment and comparable products, and benchmarking against best practices.

Through everything we do, we apply critical thinking to deliver an irreproachable copy and support our clients with content that is well-informed, well-articulated, sophisticated, and impactful.

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